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Me as an artist

 Welcome to my online Art Gallery.

In 1961 I was born in Paris. Even though I now live in The Netherlands I can still feel in my bones  the intense and buzzing life of the capital city: vivid memories of luxury fashion and perfume, romantic restaurants and lively cafés, walks along the river Seine and grandiose museums but most of all exhibitions with stuningly talented artists. The excitation of all our senses is what I am looking to recreate in my work.



How do I see my work ?

When looking at art , the combination of colours should sparkle in your eyes, your fingers should want to touch it, your tongue should remember a forgotten taste...
             ...this is why you stop to consider the work.

Each work you observe is a new experience.

Each new look is a new observation.

Well, this is what I modestly try to achieve with clay sculptures and paintings, these reflect my instant visual expressions of thought.

I work using different media and techniques. My preference when painting now is  acrylic paint, liquid or pasty, as well as all sort of thickening modelling paste or transparent gel, with these I use all kind of inclusions, such as paper, cardboard, sand, salt, glitter, wax.... also with different tools and supports.

I followed several short courses and specialised workshops in The Netherlands, and I am very fond of new experiences ! 


I have done several exhibitions in The Hague and surroundings.



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